Vintage Dining Set Restoration


Table updates

This belonged to my grandparents, and I wanted to fix it up for my family because it is so special. The table needed some cleaning up ...

Staple Removal

Before I cleaned it, I removed the old rubber edging around the table, along with tons of staples!


Spray Painting

Next I covered the table in plastc to prep for painting the legs! First I sanded them down a little, then added 3 light coats of paint.


Restoring chairs

The chairs were in rough condition, with lots of dirt and grime, and the seats needed to be recovered. 



The finish needed to come off, so that meant lots of sanding! But after the finish came off, it left the beautiful natural wood.


After sanding and wiping off the dust, I re-stained with the color Honey. This looked so beautiful with the grain of the wood.



I added a black faux leather fabtic over the existing seat covers, and it made such a huge difference!



After I was finished staining, I sealed them with 3 coats of polyacrylic in a satin finish to really protect the wood.

The finished product