Kids Play Kitchen Makeover

What you'll need:

=Paint & a paintbrush -Tough coat (clear coat) -Peel & stick wallpaper (for backsplash) -Sandpaper or block -Towel for cleaning


Prep the surface

Give it a cleaning with a lint-free rag. Make sure the surface is clean so the paint will stick.


Lightly sand

Give it a light sanding to roughen up the surface.


Start painting

I gave my kitchen1 coat of primer & 3 coats of paint to cover up the original color.


Paint the accents

I painted the burners, sink and knobs black to contrast against the counter.


Paint the counter

I painted the counter in white and then added grey veining.


Paint the faucet

I painted the faucet & handles with some gold paint to give it an elevated look.


Seal it

I sealed it all with 2 coats of tough coat. This seals it and protects it from wear.

And it's finished!