How to paint  your countertops

Did you know you can paint your countertops to look like marble?

Clean the counters


After cleaning the counters and taping off the areas you want to protect.

Paint the base layer


Using the supplied roller and brush, paint the base layer of paint on the counters.

Paint the vein lines


Using the supplied small brush and paint, create vein lines in a natural way.

Spray the veining


Using the supplied small spray bottle, spray the lines with water to make the paint  thinner and movable.

Move the paint lines


Using the large paintbrush, move the paint around to create movement and natural vein lines.

Use a sponge


Using the sponge, dab it in the white paint and lightly press on the veining. This gives it natural dimension.

Seal the counters


The last step is to seal the counters with the supplied topcoat. This will protect the beautiful counters!

Beautiful Counters

Now these formica countertops look like a slab of marble.