Honest Review of Fusion Mineral Paint

Ever wondered if Fusion Mineral Paint is worth it?

Well, look no further. I have tried it out and am sharing my honest opinion. The Before ...

Minimal Prep

Before I started, I cleaned up my piece by cleaning with a cloth and water to get off any dust.

2 coats vs. 1 coat

After letting the first coat dry, I added a second one. You can see on the left the difference!

The final finish

After 2 coats, the piece went from dark black, to a beautiful white (I used Lamp White).

New knobs

I added 2 new knobs to add some character, and I love how it turned out! I'm very impressed!

My closing opinions:

1. The paint requires minimal prep, and adheres very well to the surface. 2. It has a built=in top coat, which has held up very well on a frequently used piece. 3. The coverage is amazing and covered the previous black color in only 2 coats. 4. Nice container that is easy to hold, and keeps the paint fresh with a tight lid. 5. I found Fusion very easy to use, and the finish is beautiful. I would highly recommend!