Favorite Painting Hacks


I'm sharing some of my favorite painting hacks, that will save you time and money!

Let's dive in, shall we?


Helpful Tools

Using helpful tools like this Handy Paint Tray with removable liners and brush magnet is so helpful!


Quality Brushes

Using high quality brushes will not only help your brushes last, but will give you a better paint job!


Quality Paint

Using the right paint for the job is helpful! Furniture paint with a built in topcoat saves so much time!


Paint Sprayer

To save time on detailed pieces, you can use a paint sprayer to quickly paint a piece. 


Clean The Surface

Cleaning the surface is essential for paint adhesion. This will make sure your paint sticks to the surface.


Right Rollers

Foam rollers are essential for getting a smooth finish on cabinets and smooth surfaces!