Easy DIY hand lettered canvas

Ever wondered how to make a hand lettered canvas, without tons of lettering practice?

Well, look no further. I have a great trick to  show you for an easy personalized hand  lettered canvas!


Materials Needed:

- Canvas - Pencil - Paint Pen - Printer - Printer Paper


Print your word

First start by printing the word you'd like to use with your home printer.  If you flip the word backwards before printing it works even better.


Trace the outline

Cut the paper leaving around an inch space around the word. Then use your pencil to trace the outline of the word on the printed side.


Trace on canvas

Next you will flip the word over onto your canvas and tape it down. Then trace over the word to create a pencil outline onto the canvas.


Fill with paint

Now you are ready to fill in the outline on the canvas with paint. Using a paint pen gives you more control and precision.

Custom art

Now you have a custom hand lettered art piece that you can admire in your home!