DIY Outdoor String Light Posts

String Light Posts

If you're looking to make some affordable posts for your backyard, I'm sharing how!


Gather Supplies

- Large Pots - Quick Dry Cement - 8 ft 2x2 - Hooks & Screws - Rocks - Scrap wood - Painter's Tape - Level


Attach Hooks

First drill pilot holes, and then attach using wood screws.


Add Cement

While having someone hold the post in place, pour the cement in the pot.


Add Water

Add water to the cement mix, and then mix until it is all combined together.


Level It

Using a level, make sure it is straight before adding supports while it dries.


Add Supports

I used scrap wood on either side, and then taped them to the pot to keep it straight.


Decorative Rocks

I added decorative landscaping rocks to the top of the cement. It adds weight and looks so nice!