DIY Hand Painted Accent Wall


Ever wondered how to create the look of wallpaper in your home without spending a lot of money?

Well, look no further. I'll show you how I hand painted a pattern to look just like wallpaper!

Paint your wall

If you need to paint your wall first, this will be your first step. I used some leftover white paint as my background color.


Mark off your wall

I used a level with a ruler on the side to mark off even marks every 3 inches. I marked off horizontal and vertical marks with a pencil.


Paint the pattern

I used some leftover gray paint to create a pattern by alternating the marks between plus signs and x's. I tried to make the marks uniform, but it's okay to have differences.


Step back and admire it!

This project was so simple, and it makes such an impact! You could do so many different patterns to create a fun accent wall!