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Budget Friendly Farmhouse Storage Solutions

A great resource for budget friendly farmhouse storage solutions! Find it at

I’m always looking for ways to make our home more beautiful and more organized. Does anyone else roam the basket and organization isles at Target and imagine how great their home could look? I like to dream about how great our home would be with everything contained, organized, and in their place. I have to admit that organizing doesn’t come easy for me – but I’m up for the challenge to change my ways!

While browsing for some farmhouse style storage solutions online, I found quite a few budget-friendly options! There are options for every room in your house – the entry way, bedroom, kitchen, pantry, linen closet, and the office. I love that there are so many stylish options to help with the functionality of your home!

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Beautiful Farmhouse Laundry Room Inspiration

Beautiful Farmhouse Laundry Room Inspiration from

Our builder-grade laundry room has some great features – a large counter top, sink, and built-in cabinets above the washer and dryer and below the counter top. It has a good amount of storage space and is fairly functional. However … it seriously lacks any character, color, or charm. I’ve been using our bland laundry room for almost 3 years – and I’m ready for a change!

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DIY Rolling Storage Crate

DIY Rolling Storage Crate - Find the easy DIY tutorial at!

My thriftiness and desire to DIY my own projects sometimes leads to me hoarding items until I can figure out what to do with them. I have a huge stash of craft items and thrift store finds just waiting for inspiration to strike. Sometimes it can be a good thing – like this project for instance! A few years ago I found this wine crate at my local thrift store for a few dollars and knew that I could use it for an organization project. It now serves as a functional part of our home and helps with our pantry organization!

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Saving Money

Save Money By Meal Planning + Free Printable

Save Money by Meal Planning! Tips and a free weekly menu planning printable from A Heart Filled Home. Visit for your free printable!

My big goal for this new year was to get organized, and this included more meal planning to help ease the stress in my daily life. Well, I honestly haven’t made much progress in the area of meal planning yet – so it is time to start making a positive change!

What better way to start accomplishing this goal than to create my own weekly menu planning printable that I can fill out each week. And I have included it as a free download for you!

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