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Budget Friendly Farmhouse Style Christmas Decor

Budget Friendly Farmhouse Style Christmas Home Decor Finds - So many beautiful and affordable options! from

I cannot believe that Christmas time is almost here, and I’m so excited to start decorating! Last year I did some serious decluttering and got rid of quite a few of my Christmas items that I no longer loved or used. This year I have somewhat of a fresh start and have been looking for some farmhouse Christmas decor that will fit well with my home decor, and are still budget friendly!

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Decorating, My Home, Saving Money

Favorite Farmhouse Style Dining Chairs


A fantastic resource for some beautiful farmhouse dining chairs!

Dining chairs definitely have a big impact on the look and feel of your kitchen/dining room. They are also some of the most used furniture pieces in your home – I know with my family of 5 they are practically being used 24/7! By adding some gorgeous stylish chairs to a simple table you can change the whole look of your dining set.

I’ve found some beautiful chairs that won’t break the bank and will add some farmhouse charm to your home. Affordable and gorgeous – isn’t that the best combination?

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Decorating, My Home, Saving Money

Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Lighting

Budget friendly farmhouse lighting

A few years ago we purchased our brand-new builder-grade home, and I was ecstatic that we were blessed with such a beautiful new home that had lots of design potential. While our home was new and fresh – it lacked style and character. It came with the standard builder-grade lights, cream-colored carpet, and cream-colored walls.

We have tackled a few projects in our home like installing some shelving, building a custom built-in entertainment system with cabinets and bookshelves (my hubby gets all the credit for that huge project, that I convinced him to build for me!), and changing a couple light fixtures.

I wasn’t happy with our dining room light (as it was the cheapest builder-grade option out there), so I started searching for some affordable farmhouse lighting options. Some of these options below were ones I considered, and the one I chose (this one) is from World Market. I waited for it to go on sale, and then used a coupon that I had in my inbox to reduce the price by another 15%. I scored it for around $90, what a steal! I also use Ebates to earn cash back on my purchases, yet another great way to increase your savings!

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