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DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, I’ve been looking for some quick and easy DIY gift ideas! I have found some great gifts for everyone in your life. There are DIY gifts for your significant other, children, friends, and teachers! I love giving gifts, especially personalized handmade gifts!

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Easy DIY Fall Hoop Wreath

Such an easy DIY Fall wreath, perfect for Fall! Find the tutorial at

I’m so excited to share this super simple tutorial on how to make an easy DIY hoop wreath for Fall! I love the simplicity and minimalism of an exposed embroidery hoop with just a few Fall embellishments added in. Now that it is officially Fall, I am ready to get all of my Fall decor out and add a few new creations to our home.

My first Fall project this year was my easy DIY hand lettered pumpkin – and it looks beautiful on our dining table! I wanted to add some simple touches of Fall to our front door with a wreath. These hoop wreaths have just the right amount of charm and they are super easy to make!

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Father’s Day Questionnaire – Free Printable

Create a keepsake this Father's Day with this free printable questionnaire! Find it at

For Father’s Day this year I wanted to create something sentimental that my kids could create themselves. I have always loved reading the hilarious answers that our daughter gives when she has done questionnaires at school. It is so funny to hear children’s opinions and observations about their parents – they are usually brutally honest and hilarious at the same time 😉

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Easy DIY Wall Hanging

How to make an easy DIY wall hanging! Visit to find the simple tutorial!

We recently moved my 2 year old daughter into her own room. Sharing a room with her older sister was not working how we hoped it would. We went through many nights of her climbing out of her crib, waking her older sister, resulting in both of them crying and getting upset. It was not a good fit for this stage of life but luckily we had an office that we could convert into a bedroom for her. This meant that we had to do some time-consuming tasks like packing, moving furniture, and cleaning – but it also meant that I got to re-decorate a room just for her. There is a bright side to everything, right? 

While brainstorming decorating ideas and perusing Pinterest, I found an idea for a DIY wall hanging. I have been seeing these sweet wall hangings everywhere lately and l love the soft texture that they bring to a room. When I found out how easy and budget-friendly this project was I couldn’t wait to get started! I got together with a couple of friends and we had a craft night while working on wall hangings for our homes. Warning: after you make one of these and see how simple and easy it is, you’ll want to make one for every room in your house!

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