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Upgrading Our Shower Experience With Speakman

Today I’m sharing how I upgraded our shower with a new Speakman shower head! We gave our downstairs bathroom a facelift a couple years ago, but hadn’t touched the shower at all. Upgrading the shower head has elevated the bathroom so much!

Speakman Shower Head Upgrade

I received payment and free product from Speakman, but the opinions expressed here are my own.

Upgrading Our Shower Experience

When we moved into our new home 2 years ago we saw a lot of potential! It was already a beautiful home, but there were some rooms that I was really looking forward to updating.

Our downstairs bathroom is pretty small, but it does have a shower! It’s a huge plus because it is the only bathroom on the lower level.

It started as a builder grade bathroom with most of the standard features that you’d find. A frameless mirror, large bulb light fixture, oak vanity with square tiled counter, and standard shower with a small shower head.

Speakman Shower Head Upgrade
Speakman Shower Head Upgrade

The first round of updates we made included a new vanity with modern lines, a smooth laminate countertop, new faucet, a wallpaper feature wall (link to previous bathroom makeover post), new lighting, new decor, a shiplap hook wall, and painted walls. The only thing we didn’t touch was the shower.

Finally I knew that we needed to upgrade the shower head, because the tiny builder grade shower head wasn’t cutting it anymore!

When I was browsing for new shower heads, I noticed the Speakman brand available at Lowe’s. I was intrigued with the design, size, and affordable price!

I decided on the Anystream Filtered Polished Chrome 3-Spray Shower Head. Costing less than $40, it’s super affordable! I was drawn to the multi-function shower head with filtered water!

The easy install took less than 10 minutes, and that includes taking off the old one! I removed the old one just by twisting it, then I added the provided thread tape before attaching the new Speakman shower head. Then I tightened it using a wrench and was finished!

Speakman Shower Head Upgrade
Speakman Shower Head Upgrade
Speakman Shower Head Upgrade

One of my favorite features is the included filter that removes 99% of chlorine, iron, dirt, & other unhealthy particles. It is easily accessible once the shower head is installed for easy changing. This provides cleaner skin and hair, which is such a huge plus!

Speakman Shower Head Upgrade

The Easiest Way To Upgrade Your Bathroom

I can’t believe how easy and fast the installation was! It was a breeze, and now our shower looks so elevated. The flow and pressure is perfect and I am loving how it feels in comparison to our old one. Our showering experience has totally changed!

Speakman Shower Head Upgrade
Speakman Shower Head Upgrade

Now our family is going to be using this shower so much more than before, because of this easy upgrade! It’s amazing how just by upgrading your shower head you can improve your shower experience so much.

Do you have a shower in need of an upgrade? This affordable switch can make all the difference!

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