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Girls Bathroom Makeover – ORC Week 5

We had some exciting progress with the girls bathroom makeover this week! The tile was delivered and we were able to get in installed. It already makes such a big difference in the room!

Girls Bathroom Makeover Week 5 A Heart Filled Home

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For the One Room Challenge we are taking on our girls bathroom, and you can view our progress so far by clicking back to the previous weeks! This challenge has been a tough one and I can’t wait for the reveal next week!

Girls Bathroom Makeover

This week we installed the wall tile for the backsplash. I used mussel bound to do this! It was definitely a less-messy way to install tile and I loved using it.

We also got the floor tile cut and laid out for the floor, and Nic installed it! I’m loving the beautiful tile from Alexander James. It brings some moody color and makes the floor have such a visual impact.

After we had the flooring done we moved on to creating the board and batten wall. It will be filled, caulked, primed and painted before the hooks are installed.

Girls Bathroom Makeover Week 5 A Heart Filled Home
Girls Bathroom Makeover Week 5 A Heart Filled Home
Girls Bathroom Makeover Week 5 A Heart Filled Home
Girls Bathroom Makeover Week 5 A Heart Filled Home

After priming, using wood fill on the holes, and caulking the seams I’ll be painting the board and batten wall. Then I’ll add hooks for storage for our girls!

The other things left to do are grout, install the mirrors, put the cabinet doors back on, add hardware, install the toilet, and decorate! It is quite the list, but we are going to make it to the finish line!

Stay tuned for the reveal of our girls bathroom renovation in my next blog post, it’s gonna be so good!

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