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Bathroom Makeover Progress – ORC Week 4

This last week we have made some progress on our bathroom makeover! We finished removing the sinks, tile countertop, and worked on removing the old tile floor!

Bathroom Makeover Progress - ORC Week 4

There are only a couple weeks left of the One Room Challenge, so make sure to head over to read the updates from the other participants this week! I’m getting excited for the reveal that is coming up very, very soon.

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Bathroom Makeover Progress

Bathroom Makeover Progress - ORC Week 4

This week we finished the countertop demo, took out the tile floor, and finished the butcher block countertop. We were also able to install the new sinks and faucets after the countertop was installed. I’m LOVING how they look!

For our countertop we ended up cutting it down with a circular saw on both sides. Then I traced the outline of the sink on the counter after measuring the placement of each faucet from the walls. After that I measured the opening of the sink basin and drew that outline for our cut line.

Next Nic took the circular saw and cut out the openings. These didn’t have to be perfect cuts because our sinks are drop in sinks with a ledge, so there was room for error. After cutting the openings he placed the sinks in each space to make sure they fit,I moved on to staining.

I used the color Special Walnut from Varathane. This color is a beautiful neutral color that looks SO good on the sanded butcher block! After staining and wiping it off after a few seconds, I let it set overnight before moving onto the sealing process.

Bathroom Makeover Progress - ORC Week 4

To seal the wood I used polyurethane to give it a good seal to protect the wood. Since this will be used in a bathroom I wanted to make sure that it would be sealed properly and stand up against use. I gave it 5 coats, waiting 2 hours between each coat for it to fully dry. Between each coat I rubbed a piece of cardboard over it to lightly sand the surface. This helped to knock down any rough texture so it felt super smooth.

This next week I’m going to be working on the tile backsplash. It will go up to the ceiling to give a big visual impact! After our tile floor is finished I’ll be able to finish up the board and batten wall with hooks for the girls’ towels. I’m so excited for this project because it will make a big impact on the space as well!

To Do List

  • Tile Backsplash
  • Tile Floor
  • Paint Walls & Trim
  • Finish Board and Batten
  • Install Mirrors
  • Install Hooks
  • Decorate

Thanks for following along with our bathroom remodel, we are so excited to get to the finish line for this One Room Challenge!

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