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Bathroom Demo – ORC Week 2

Hello, friends! This last week we made some progress on our girls’ bathroom makeover with some demo! I’ve also been doing lots of behind the scenes work with planning and making sure I have all of our materials!

Girls Bathroom Demo ORC Week 2 - A Heart Filled Home

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Girls’ Bathroom Makeover

For week 1 I shared my plans for the bathroom makeover, including my wood board! I have felt your excitement over on Instagram (make sure to follow for more details and progress each week!) and I’m so excited to keep working on this room for my girls!

The One Room Challenge has been going for 10 years now, and it is such a fun way to join in with others who are tackling a space in their own homes! It is a place where you can find inspiration and ideas for any room in your house. Check out the other designers and participants this year, as well as in past years!

Here is a reminder of the before:

Girls' Bathroom Makeover ORC Week 1

We started demo last weekend by removing the vanity light fixture, large mirror, and knocking out a lot of the tile on the countertops. Using hammers and chisels we were able to get most of the tile off, but still have a ways to go. Once we get all the layers off we will work on getting the new countertop installed with new sinks and faucets.

For the demo I was super thankful to use my new RZ mask. I felt super protected with this lightweight breathable mask that comes with removable filters. It is so comfortable and I like that it is stretchy and comfy!

Girls Bathroom Demo ORC Week 2 - A Heart Filled Home
Girls Bathroom Demo ORC Week 2 - A Heart Filled Home

I’m VERY excited to update the countertop with a new butcher block countertop. I will be adding some more modern sinks (that just arrived!) and some widespread faucets that will modernize the bathroom so much!

After the we install the new countertop we can move on to installing a tile backsplash up to the ceiling, adding our new light fixture, and hanging the new mirrors! I’m so ready to get this room moving and seeing it all come together.

During this next week I’ll be sanding the butcher block, cutting it to size and cutting the sink holes, and hopefully getting out the rest of the tile on the existing countertops! Stay tuned for next week’s update!

To-Do List For The Bathroom

  • Finish Demo
  • Prep Butcher Block
  • Work On Tile Floor
  • Board and Batten with hooks
  • Install New Light
  • Install Mirrors
  • Painting Walls
  • Painting Vanity

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