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Our New Awara Mattress – ORC Week 4

It is week four of the One Room Challenge and this week I’m sharing all about our new Awara mattress! We had our previous mattress for WAY too long, so we were definitely ready for an upgrade!

Our New Awara Mattress - Master Bedroom Makeover ORC Week 4

Thank you to Awara Sleep for providing our mattress and sleep bundle!

The One Room Challenge is in full swing, and week four marks the halfway point in the challenge! Head over here to read all about the challenge and see the other designers participating this fall. This is my fourth time joining as a guest participant, I have loved transforming our kitchen, girls’ bedroom, and hallway bathroom!

For the full journey check out the past weeks progress. I shared my design plan, painted walls, and Nic and I created a DIY board and batten grid wall.

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This week is all about our new mattress, and I’m SO excited to share all the details about it. After waiting years for an upgrade we were so ready!

Our New Awara Mattress - Master Bedroom Makeover ORC Week 4

Awara Mattress Review

We had been in the market for a new mattress for years, and just hadn’t pulled the trigger on a new one. Getting a new mattress is a big decision because it can affect your sleep and your life in a big way!

We received the premium latex hybrid mattress from Awara, along with their sleep bundle that includes cooling pillows, sheets, and a mattress protector. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the mattress cover and sheets. The sheets are silky soft and feel SO good!

The mattress was shipped rolled up and vacuum sealed. We didn’t have to wait at all to sleep on it, we were sleeping on it the same night that we opened it up! It immediately puffed up to it’s original size within seconds.

I was thankful that we didn’t have to wait an extended amount of time before sleeping on it! The next day after sleeping on it for the first time Nic and I were so impressed with how comfy it is. It is so comfortable and feels like sleeping on a cloud!

The sheets are the perfect size and fit the mattress with room to spare! With our previous mattress (it was unusually tall) we had a hard time finding sheets that fit it perfectly, but with our Awara mattress we don’t have that issue at all. I’m so thankful for that!

Another thing that I’m impressed with is that their mattresses are made with naturally-sourced materials. That means it is better for you and for the planet! Using naturally-sourced materials in our home is so important to me because I want our family to be as healthy as we can be!

We are so impressed with our Awara mattress and would highly recommend it. It has been a dream to sleep on (literally ;)) and we love it so much. Our kiddos have even commented on how cozy it is!

Our New Awara Mattress - Master Bedroom Makeover ORC Week 4
Our New Awara Mattress - Master Bedroom Makeover ORC Week 4
Our New Awara Mattress - Master Bedroom Makeover ORC Week 4
Our New Awara Mattress - Master Bedroom Makeover ORC Week 4

To-Do List For Our Bedroom Makeover

We have completed most of our tasks so far, we just have one more DIY project to finish up next weekend! I’m excited that we are approaching the finish line with this room makeover!

  • Paint Walls
  • DIY Board and Batten Grid Wall
  • New Mattress & Bed
  • Accent Lighting
  • DIY Barn Door
  • Decorating
  • Fix Up Console Table

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