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Furniture Updates For The Girls’ Room – ORC Week 4

It is week 4 of the One Room Challenge, and I am sharing some furniture updates for the girls’ room! I received the new toddler bed I ordered for my youngest, and I tried to update an old side table to go in the room as well (It didn’t go as planned!).

Furniture updates - week 4 of the ORC - A Heart Filled Home

I am participating in this Spring’s One Room Challenge, where featured designers and guest participants give a room a makeover in 8 weeks. It is such a fun challenge that pushes you to complete a room, and it is just the kind of motivation I need to get things done.

So far I have put up wallpaper as an accent wall, painted the room, painted an antique twin bed, painted a garage sale dresser, and shared my design plans. I’m excited to share this week’s progress and share what I have left to complete for the room.

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Furniture Updates For The Girls’ Room

After using a convertible crib that has been through a few babies, I decided a new toddler bed was in order for my youngest. It has definitely been through the ringer with my kiddos and was ready to go. I found an affordable (and cute!) option on Amazon and am loving the look of it in their room!

I wanted to get a toddler bed that would fit nicely in the room, as well as fit the esthetic of the room design. The twin bed was an antique bed that has some unique shapes in the headboard. I wanted to find a toddler bed that had some classic/antique lines that would compliment the twin bed.

After I put the toddler bed together I was SO happy that I chose this bed! It is just the look and feel I wanted for the room and pops against the woodland creature wallpaper that I love so much.

Furniture updates - week 4 of the ORC - A Heart Filled Home
Furniture updates - week 4 of the ORC - A Heart Filled Home


Updating A Wood Side Table (A DIY Fail)

I have had this little side table in our home for quite a few years, and I have always loved the shape and size of it. It has gotten dinged up a bit after moving a few times and needed some love! I decided to take a chance and sand it down to see how it would change the look of it.

Sanding is definitely not my favorite DIY project to take on … but the results are usually worth it in the end. I used a handheld sander to lightly sand the surface of the table. When using the sander I tried using a back and forth pattern to avoid any uneven marks. I also used a fine grit sandpaper because I was just trying to lightly remove a little bit of the finish.

Furniture updates - week 4 of the ORC - A Heart Filled Home
Furniture updates - week 4 of the ORC - A Heart Filled Home

Unfortunately I do not like how it turned out, and even with light sanding it took off way too much on the edges and not enough in the center of each panel. After sanding for quite a long time, it was taking me way too long to get an even finish. It looks splotchy and too light for my liking.

I don’t like how it turned out, so now I have a decision to make! I can either paint this little table, or try to find a replacement wood night stand that I like for the room. What do you guys think? Should I do some shopping for a new one, or paint this table?

Furniture updates - week 4 of the ORC - A Heart Filled Home

To-Do List For The Girls’ Room Makeover

The last of my projects include adding some DIY window trim (like this one from Blesser House!), a new woven roman shade, and decorating! Here is my full list:

  • Paint the walls
  • Apply Wallpaper
  • Paint the twin bed
  • Paint the dresser
  • DIY window trim
  • Add roman shade
  • Add wall sconce light (I’ll be showing you this next week!)
  • New side table (or paint this one?)
  • Add a new rug
  • New toddler bed
  • Decorate

Thanks for following along with this girls’ shared room makeover! I’m so excited to finish it up for the reveal in a few weeks!

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