How To Add Modern Touches To Your Bathroom – ORC Week 3

See how I plan to give my bathroom a Modern Farmhouse Makeover! from A Heart Filled Home

Good morning, friends! I’m so excited to share with you how to add modern touches to your bathroom today! We have been giving our guest bathroom a modern farmhouse makeover and are joining up for the ORC this Spring!

I am joining up with this Spring’s One Room Challenge as a guest participant! There are over 200 other bloggers participating as guests in the challenge, along with 20 featured designers. 2 years ago I transformed my daughter’s bedroom! It is the perfect place to find some serious interior inspiration!

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2 weeks ago I shared my plans for our guest bathroom with a mood board. I did tons of research on Pinterest while planning our bathroom remodels after we purchased our fixer upper.

See how I plan to give my bathroom a Modern Farmhouse Makeover! from A Heart Filled Home

Last week I shared how to make a room look bigger. We used white paint on the walls and vanity, adding a white tile floor, and changing the mirrors to create more space in the room and make it look bigger than it is!

How to make a room look bigger! Simple and easy tips to make your room look and feel bigger! from A Heart Filled Home

This week I’m sharing how to add modern touches to your bathroom, with some smaller details that can make a huge impact. I’m loving how our guest bathroom is coming along and can’t wait to give you an update!

How To Add Modern Touches To Your Bathroom

I knew that I wanted to add some modern touches to this bathroom, but also stay true to the character of the space. One of my favorite ways to add a modern feel is to add the color black into the room in specific ways. Little pops of black can make a space feel more modern.

When we painted the vanity white it made such a huge difference in the feel of the room. The hardware is a chrome silver, and while I didn’t mind the shape and look of the drawer pulls I wasn’t in love with the color. I felt like the chrome blended in with the white cabinets too much.

I thought about painting the pulls black, but wasn’t sure that I’d have enough time to complete the task along with all of my other projects for the room. After doing some research I found the perfect black hardware that had a modern touch that would stand out against the vanity.

See how I plan to give my bathroom a Modern Farmhouse Makeover! from A Heart Filled Home

D. Lawless Hardware was so kind and sent me some of these beautiful drawer pulls for our bathroom! They look beautiful and provide just the right modern touch to the vanity. I have to add that these drawer pulls are super budget friendly, so they won’t break your budget!

Another way to add modern touches is by adding some angular lines. This could be with squares, grids, or triangles. While I was shopping at Hobby Lobby last week I stumbled upon this gorgeous wall shelf that fit my bathroom design perfectly! It has angular black metal bars for support and a light wood for the shelving. I was so excited to hang it up above the toilet to add some storage and visual interest to the wall!

See how I plan to give my bathroom a Modern Farmhouse Makeover! from A Heart Filled Home

One other way to add modern touches is to go for a monochrome color scheme. Although this modern farmhouse bathroom is mostly monochrome with black, grey and white, I will be adding in some accent color with hand towels and a colorful shower curtain. This will balance out the monochrome color scheme in the rest of the room.

To Do List for Our Modern Farmhouse Bathroom:

  • Install new light fixture
  • Add accessories: rugs, decor
  • Paint the countertop
  • Add a window covering

Thank you for stopping by and following along with this week’s ORC update! Make sure to come back next week to see my progress! Blessings -Leslea

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