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Farmhouse Organization and Storage Ideas

Farmhouse Organization and Storage Ideas

Fall is just around the corner, and it has me thinking about back-to-school sales, school supplies, and preparing for the upcoming school year. Along with school schedules comes lots of other things: school bags, lunch bags, coats, shoes, and school papers. It can get a bit overwhelming with everything our kids take to school and bring home with them. I’ve found some beautiful and inspiring mudrooms and entryways that will help “catch” all the things and keep them organized.

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Budget Friendly Farmhouse Storage Solutions

A great resource for budget friendly farmhouse storage solutions! Find it at

I’m always looking for ways to make our home more beautiful and more organized. Does anyone else roam the basket and organization isles at Target and imagine how great their home could look? I like to dream about how great our home would be with everything contained, organized, and in their place. I have to admit that organizing doesn’t come easy for me – but I’m up for the challenge to change my ways!

While browsing for some farmhouse style storage solutions online, I found quite a few budget-friendly options! There are options for every room in your house – the entry way, bedroom, kitchen, pantry, linen closet, and the office. I love that there are so many stylish options to help with the functionality of your home!

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Beautiful Farmhouse Laundry Room Inspiration

Beautiful Farmhouse Laundry Room Inspiration from

Our builder-grade laundry room has some great features – a large counter top, sink, and built-in cabinets above the washer and dryer and below the counter top. It has a good amount of storage space and is fairly functional. However … it seriously lacks any character, color, or charm. I’ve been using our bland laundry room for almost 3 years – and I’m ready for a change!

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Favorite Farmhouse Style Dining Chairs


A fantastic resource for some beautiful farmhouse dining chairs!

Dining chairs definitely have a big impact on the look and feel of your kitchen/dining room. They are also some of the most used furniture pieces in your home – I know with my family of 5 they are practically being used 24/7! By adding some gorgeous stylish chairs to a simple table you can change the whole look of your dining set.

I’ve found some beautiful chairs that won’t break the bank and will add some farmhouse charm to your home. Affordable and gorgeous – isn’t that the best combination?

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DIY Farmhouse Lamp Makeover

This DIY Farmhouse Lamp Makeover turned out so pretty! It's so simple and easy to do!

Hunting for treasures at my local thrift store is one of my favorite things to do. I love the surprise of finding something special that I can use in my home. I’ve been able to find some great used furniture, dishes & glassware, baskets, picture frames, and light fixtures. With a little hunting you can sometimes score some amazing treasures!

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