About Me

Hi, I’m Leslea.



I am a Christ-follower, wife to my husband of 11 years, and mother to 3 beautiful girls & one Angel Baby. I’m a graphic designer, crafter, coffee lover, & DIY enthusiast. I enjoy celebrating family and friends with parties and meaningful gifts. I love being a blessing to others and value showing everyone love and kindness. I love transforming our house into a welcoming home all while saving as much money as I can.

I grew up knowing that I had been gifted with an artistic side. Crayolas + Coloring books were my jam. I would spend hours carefully making sure I colored within the lines of my many books, without a care in the world. I later applied my artsy skills in classes at school, dabbling in many mediums and finally finding myself in a Desktop Publishing class in high school. This class (and my awesome teacher!) helped me realize that I could combine my skills and love of art with computers – and I was never the same! After studying Marine Biology for a semester in college (the major I thought would lead me to my dream job of getting to help every sea creature I could imagine) I quickly realized that I in-fact did not enjoy Science as much as I thought, and I quickly changed gears to studying Art and Graphic Design. This is how I started my journey as a Graphic Designer, something that I love and realized that I was created to do.

After getting married I spent a few years of working as a freelance designer and having various in-office designer jobs. I later realized that I would rather work from home focusing on freelance work and also starting a family. Being a freelancer meant that I could be with my children all-day and fit my work hours into parts of the day that made the most sense. Score! I discovered Pinterest while spending hours feeding my newborn in 2011 and was hooked from the start. Craft Ideas! Home Decor! DIY Projects! I felt like a kid in a candy store with all of the artsy ideas that I could easily find and incorporate into our new home.

My creativity blossomed as I was able to use my artistic talents in so many forms. This is when I started to feel that growing desire to somehow be able to share my ideas and skills with the world. I just didn’t know at the time how to accomplish it. After a few years of continued Pinterest addiction use it dawned on me. There IS a way that I can share my ideas/creations/thoughts with the world, and best-of-all I can do it from home while staying at home raising my 3 precious children. Blogging. As I thought about taking the necessary steps to accomplish this goal (and doing tons and tons of research) I felt that gentle nudging at my heart that kept popping up every single day. You can do this, you were created for this, use your gifts.

My hope is that you will find inspiration here. Inspiration to create a welcoming home filled with love and beauty. Inspiration to be creative and use your talents to serve your family. Inspiration to follow your heartfelt desires and passions. Inspiration to be a blessing to everyone around you.