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November 2016

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How To Make A DIY Photo Canvas

How to make your own DIY photo canvas! Visit for the tutorial!

Do you love to display photos in your home? I just love to see photos of my family around my house, and I love to find new ways to show them off. When I first read about making a DIY Photo Canvas I was pretty skeptical, but now I am a firm believer that you can do it yourself, and it can look awesome! You only need a few inexpensive supplies to pull this off. Soon you’ll be a photo canvas making machine.


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How To Re-purpose a T-shirt Into A Tote Bag

How to tun a t-shirt into a tote bag! Visit for the tutorial!

Anyone else have 72 old t-shirts laying around that they are just keeping around for the “memories” and to reminisce about when they used to fit? Anyone? Just me? Okay I probably don’t actually have 72, but its pretty close.


My to-do list definitely includes making a t-shirt quilt to help diminish my huge t-shirt stash, and this tote bag that I just finished up last week. I am in love with it’s new purpose, that it keeps this shirt’s “memory” alive, and that it was a no-sew project! It is seriously so simple and it takes only around 10 minutes to complete it.

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DIY, Holidays

Free Printable Christmas Advent Activity Calendar


Printable Christmas Advent Activity Calendar from Visit to download your free printable calendar!

Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year, and I love making the most of it every day of December (and even a few days in November)! I love everything about Christmas. Making Christmas cookies for the neighbors, listening to Christmas music, wrapping the gifts that I lovingly picked out for my family and friends .. it is all so wonderful!

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